• name: charles
  • age: 17
  • location: central california
  • personality: infp
  • alignment: neutral good
  • zodiac: gemini sun, capricorn moon, scorpio ascending
  • temperament: sanguine-melancholic blend
  • about

    hi, my name is charles! but you can call me charlie, or other past names i went by, i don't mind! if you think of nicknames, just throw them at me.

    i'm a highschooler that geeks out about video games, animation, and tv shows.

    i love to draw, write, and animate, but i also have a huge interest in medical information also. i hope my future jobs/careers are in animation, writing of sorts, or the medical field!

    i'm a nonbinary girl- to be specific, a genderfluid girl- and a butch lesbian in the closet. i don't consider myself cis, and 100% trans.

    i'm mixed black and japanese-mexican (i'm about half black, quarter mestizo-mexican and a quarter japanese-mexican).

    i am autistic and mentally ill, but i'd rather not be asked about what i have out of the blue. i'll probably mention what i have sometimes, though.

    please don't ask me about personal information such as trauma or other sensitive info unless we're friends.

    you're always free to let me know if i say anything out of line! hmu through DMs or @ me- i'll gladly understand and correct what i said!

    thanks for reading- i hope you have a nice day!